As you guys know, its been quite dead on my site, this is because I am creating a new one! My new site and stable have not been released for public viewing yet, but rest assured it is coming along nicely! As for what happened with my old site, from what I can determine, I screwed up big time with custom content: I NEVER KNEW that steps were involved in making cc compatible with the game, that there were things to install and such, so I dove right in collecting cc. Then, one of my very important files were missing and I never understood why, I had never installed the system that made the file, I didn't even have the archive creator nor installed the 7 Zip. But my game is running without a hitch now so thankfully I feel I will not have any more issues, at least not for a while lol.

I am in the midst of creating my town, estate, and the new family my character will be joining. I am going to role play this whole thing out with an in character (IC) story everyone will be able to read. My character is still Niki Eyre, and the gist of the story is that there was a fire, several horses did not make it out, and those that did ended up in a custody battle, and since none were registered to Niki in the first place, she was unable to keep any. Since then, she moved to Twinbrooks where she met a rich, retired jockey, his new horse trainer, and younger interns. (One of which Niki has taken to).

I am also working with Christina and Rachel on the Forum, so that is also delaying my work.

About The Mustangs:
Your guys' input on the foundation color horse poll has been ASTRONOMICALLY helpful! And I would like to present the new colors for the foundation horses: There will be THREE this time around, once I get everything in order. The first will be a Palomino Paint Stallion - who received a whopping 35 votes! And his mares, a Red Roan and Grulla - both receiving 14 points! That will surely be a VERY interesting mix, with intense foals! They will all be available for viewing on my website once it is available :D

I will most likely be keeping this site as well to use for registry purposes, but I am undecided and alas, ask you all to decide for me! Take the poll on the Stable page!


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