Gabriel has had many requests for foals out of his horses, and has been very busy researching his horse's genetics, testing their health, and breeding them. His efforts have produced some phenomenal foals! Rachel from Laurence Equestrian Center contacted us privately to arrange a foal for Christina as a surprise. And boy, did we receive it! When Gabriel and Samuel brought Jane to Dr. Coleman's house, they were shocked to discover that she was pregnant alright, with twins! Gabriel was taken back by this, and contacted Rachel to tell her the news, she eagerly adopted the other foal without question. When the two were born, Gabriel was very proud of Jane and their sire, Aurelius. They produced a beautiful filly almost identical in appearance to her mother with Dunalino coloration, she would be destined for Christina. The other was a strong, mud-loving sooty Buckskin colt Rachel immediately fell head over heels for.
Shortly after the birth of the twins, Bridget of Raven Wood Stables approached Gabriel, asking if he could produce another rare Grulla for her. He accepted her challenge and bred IV Don't Fear the Reaper to IV Jane's Last Dance, the most logical mix due to their genetics. Sure enough, the wonderful broodmare Jane was pregnant again, and gave birth to a filly that shocked even Gabriel. Her color was so rich, and she had so many primitive markings, it was almost as if she had Zebra blood running through her grandparent's lines. He was proud to present her with this filly.


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