Hello everyone, there are a few things I need to let you all know about (don't worry, I'm not leaving!)

To those of you who have been trying to contact me and have not yet received what I have agreed to, please understand that in real life I am in the middle of moving with a family of four from a large house to a tiny 3 bedroom apartment. We are having some harsh setbacks, and on top of that, I work 12 hour long shifts a few times a week. It has been very difficult to keep things going as fast as usual here. You all must also understand the difficulties my computer is having while running a game without all the required files due to an improper installation. This means I can't switch households unless I move all horses to a separate house then move in with only people on the property, then I have to replace all the horses over. I have talked with an EA Technician multiple times and have determined the problem but will not fix it until I finish the promised foals, this way if I do loose all of my game, at least their offspring will be out there.

All together, trying to keep up with demand at this time is overwhelming, so to compensate, I will no longer be taking any requests for breeding or applications other than Spanish Mustang Breed registration and Dun & Buckskin coat color registration applications.

I will let everyone know asap when things are


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