While taking IV Hollywood's Outlaw for a ride, I saw the flyer for Rotherford Farms Estate's first Winter "Aherne Marwin" Stallion Show, and just had to know more. I did some research, and discovered Foundation Stallions could enter! We quickly signed up then came home to practice and fine-tune our skills. It wasn't long before competition day and we needed to be ready. Aurelius took the training in stride, acting like he owned the arena and didn't want to stop. I was sure we would place.

My heart raced as I tucked my hair under my top hat, hands clammy, knees weak, but I knew he would not let it get to him. We came into the show ring with one purpose in mind, and to see the determination in Aurelius's face, I knew he wouldn't let me down today.

Below are his competition photographs. Check out his updated profile here.
We wish a warm congratulations to everyone who entered, it was a phenomenal show, with the most beautiful stallions I have ever seen. I know it will only get harder for us from here!


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