Yesterday we went looking for a new member of the family. After a robber nearly broke into the main house, Sam suggested getting a dog that would frighten intruders just by the look of it. We looked around at some German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Akitas before coming across Steel Blue Kennels. It wasn't until then that we realized the owner was Mandy, the new owner of our first colt, IV/WRS Reaper of Wonderland! When we saw her Putbull puppy named Jada, we were awe-struck at her stocky beauty and that bright brindle fur. She was so playful and she didn't tear up one thing the whole time we were visiting! We sent in our application in a heartbeat and soon found out we were accepted as the new owners!

It didn't take long before Sam and I were driving to her Kennels, picked her up, and brought her home. Sam was instantly curious at the new girl and took a linking to her immediately. She was strutting around like she owned the place on those tiny little legs. We renamed her Keima after a spunky little dog I knew, who could handle her own just fine in the presence of unruly dogs.

We have big plans for her in the future, and will get her registered with the SKC as soon as they are accepting applications. She is already registered with Steel Blue Kennel's registry, and will make a wonderful show dog. Her show name is SBK./ Sam has personally taken on the role of surrogate mother and guard dog trainer. We couldn't be more happy with her.


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